Hello, I’m Leon.

A technologist by trade, I’ve been a system administrator, software engineer and architect. Currently spending most of my time in a product owner/manager role.

In the industry for more than 20 years, and still learning.

Current weapons of choice are Rust, Go and JavaScript (ES6+), usually in its Node.js incarnation. Java is also still a venerable workhorse with a great ecosystem. Still keeping an eye on Swift.

Google Sheets when I need to draw hockey-stick charts.

Past weapons have been C#, Ruby, C, Python and Perl.

Started on Debian Linux (ex-Debian maintainer), did a detour on Windows during my .NET years, with a brief sojourn as a Ruby on Rails core developer.

Outside of technology, I like going on walks around Auckland, spending lots of time with my mischievous 2-year old, tinkering in my garden, and downing a crisp cold beer, preferably of the Sawmill persuasion.

If you want to get into touch, reach out to leon@sector42.io, using my GnuPG key if you’re so inclined.


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